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Buyers Frequently Asked Question

1. What legal Information should a buyer know before purchasing a flat ?
Every buyer should be aware of his rights and the necessary requirements fulfill by the seller before selling the property to a buyer. A seller should have a list of approvals right from buying the property land to selling the same in fully constructed manner. Few important legal approvals that the developer must hold are:
I - CC (Commencement certificate) and I.O.D. order
II - Plan Approved from respective corporations
III - Completion/occupational certificate

2. What is agreement for sale ?
This is a legal document that binds the builder to sell and buyer to buy the particular document. With this document there is an assurity that it cannot be resold to any other buyer without your permission as the sole rights of the property are then in the buyers hands.This document even helps you gets finance to purchase the property as it accounts for one of the most important document in Home loan approvals.

3. What is stamp duty and registration ?
Stamp Duty has to be against every agreement for sale that needs to be registered. Without the same the registration process will not be complete.Stamp Duty rates differ from Mumbai to Thane Dist.Once the buyer intents to register agreement of sale, he would be asked to make a pay order of the stamp duty amount in the name of the respective body, depending on the jurisdiction where the property is situated. The pay order is then given for the franking of the agreement and is later duly signed by both the parties ie buyers and sellers.Registering the documents relating to the transfer, sale, lease or any other form of disposal of a property is compulsory under section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908. The main purpose to register the sale deed to record the ownership of the property.Registration fees for any particular sale deed is approximately 1% of the market value or agreement value

4. Who is liable to pay Stamp Duty to the Buyer or the Seller ?
The liability of paying Stamp Duty is that of the buyer unless there is an agreement to the contrary. Section 30, of the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 states the liability for payment of Stamp Duty. The Stamps are required to be purchased in whose name?The Stamps are required to be purchased in the name of any one of the executors to the instrument.

5. Before buying a flat from a builder in a building under construction,what are the permissions and papers that one should check with the builder?
When you are buying a flat from a builder in a building under construction, you have to check the following : Approved Plan of the Building along with the number of floors. Ensure that the Floor what you are buying is approved. Check if the land on which the Builder is building is his or he has undertaken an agreement with a landlord, if so, check the title of the land ownership with the help of an advocate. Check the Building byelaws as applicable in that area and ensure that the builder is building without any violation of front setback, side setbacks, height etc. Check Specifications given in the Agreement to sell off the Sale Brochure. Is he providing the same actually on the ground or not? Check the Reputation of the Builder. Ensure that Urban Land Ceiling NOC (if applicable) has been obtained or not. NOC from Water and Electricity Authorities also have to be obtained. NOC from lift authorities.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Shastra tries to remove all ill effects through structural alterations and/or use of vastu products like pyramids etc.Formed from two words Vasa (Living) + Sthuala (Place of Living)=Vastu.Basically Vastu is supposed to be a way of synchronizing the five fundamental elements in this Universe ie, Earth,Sky,Fire,Air and Water, with the eight directions ie, East,West,North,South,North East,North West,South East and South West,and also with the gravitational and the electro-magnetic force of the Earth.

Direction Guide
East: Living Room,Study Room,Guest Room,Bathroom
West: Dinning Room,Children Room,Study Room,Toilet
North: Main Entrance,Living Room, Treasury
South: Store Room,Bedroom
North East: Main Entrance, Prayers Room,Temple
North West: Guest Room,Dinning Room,Study Room,Washing Place
South East: Kitchen,Tulsi Plant
South West: Master Bedroom,Dressing Room,Wardrobes,Storing Heavy Items.